ISEE, through its Executive Council, provides policy makers and the public with expert opinion on scientific questions related to environmental health policy and the professional practice of environmental epidemiology, in the form of statements, position papers, endorsements, and comments related to issues of international relevance and issues of concern to single regions or nations.

ISEE Call for Action for Global Control of Lead Exposure to Eliminate Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning is one of the most pervasive, well-established and preventable environmental hazards worldwide. The International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE) adds its voice to the call for a concerted global effort to eliminate lead poisoning. See full text of the Call, together with its rationale, published in EPIDEMIOLOGY.

ISEE, IEA, and EUPHA joint statement on European Commission's Horizon2020 Program

ISEE comments on U.S. EPA revision of Air Quality Standards for PM2.5

ISEE endorses JPC-SE Position Statement on Asbestos


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