You can make a difference- Join a Committee Today

Why join a committee?
It provides you with an opportunity foster your career development, network at a deeper level, and personally grow as you make a difference. Your involvement enables the Society to survive and continue its initiative to foster the study of health and the environment and create meaningful membership experiences.


Standing committees, such as the Nominations Committee, support the Society's ongoing functions. Other committees provide a forum for members' mutual interests. Some of these special interest committees, such as the Ethics and Philosophy Committee, are among the Society's most active. As part of the Society’s Strategic Initiative, three new committees have been formed, Membership; Web site; and Communications. Other special interest committees may be formed by Society members with the approval of the Executive Council.


If you are a new or current member, review these committees and their roles and responsibilities to decide which one you want to join. If you are interested in the Membership, Web site, or Communications committee, email to express your interest with subject line: “I want to join a committee.” For all other committees, click on the applicable committee links below.

Membership Committee:

  • Creating potential membership promotional campaigns
  • Reviewing and recommending member benefits
  • Supporting initiatives to retain members


Web Site Committee:

  • Re-purposing and simplifying web site content required before re-design
  • Reviewing, on a once-a-month basis, overall content to keep it current
  • Working with the Communications Committee to include news or information on current society activities or initiatives


Communications Committee:

  • Overseeing the implementation of various social media platforms for the membership at-large and posting information
  • Identifying topics/blogs
  • Writing press releases and newsletters
  • Working with the Web Site Committee to keep the web site content current
  • Offering opportunities for members to contribute articles to the Journal of Epidemiology
  • Creating mini, ad-hoc surveys






Ethics and Philosophy Committee, Capacity Building Committee, Students and New Researchers Network: These committees, proposed by interested Society members and approved by the Executive Council, provide a forum for members' specific interests and enhance the Society's objectives. Membership is open to all Society members. The chair is selected by the committee's members.


By appointed membership only:

Nominations Committee, Annual Conference Committee, Awards Committee, Policy Committee: These four standing committees support ongoing functions of the Society. The committees have specific responsibilities with appointed memberships. The chairs and members are appointed by the Officers in consultation with the Executive Council. Please contact the Committee Chair or Secretariat if you are interested in serving on one of these committees. Other special interest committees may be formed by Society members with the approval of the Executive Council.

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