Reflections on 25 Years of ISEE

In the fall of 2012 Raymond Richard Neutra, ISEE's founding president, suggested to the Executive Council of ISEE that, since it would be holding the 25th conference of the society in Basel, Switzerland in 2013, the society should solicit essays from the membership about what ISEE had meant to them as people and as professionals. Also what impact, if any, did they think ISEE might have had on society at large. Read the collection of essays submitted by ISEE members for the 25th anniversary international conference.

Bert Brunekreef - Why ISEE is my favorite professional society


New!Rainer Fehr - Some long-term impacts of ISEE on professional work in Germany


New!Rainer Fehr - The ISEE Policy & Planning Working Group, from a personal perspective


Adetoun Mustapha - What has been ISEE's impact on me as a person and as a professional?


Colin Soskolne - The professional society as a forum for networking to advance agendas with like-minded colleagues


Gayle Windham - What ISEE has meant to me professionally


Read about ISEE's beginnings