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Dear ISEE Member,


The ISEE Nominations Committee is seeking nominations from active ISEE members for four posts at the ISEE Executive Council.

  • President (2019-2022)
  • Secretary/Treasurer (2019-2020 + renewal 2021-2022)
  • Councillor for Europe (2019-2021)
  • Councillor for North America (2019-2021)

Nominations should be sent to the to the ISEE secretariat by September 23, 2018 with the subject line: Nomination(s). For specifications of each call, see below



The ISEE Nominations Committee

Manolis Kogevinas (Chair), Beate Ritz, Francine Laden, Annette Peters, Alistair Woodward, Nelson Gouveia, Reiko Kishi



Who Can Apply

You can self-nominate yourself or you can nominate another ISEE member provided she/he agrees to that. Please see specifications for each post and send your nomination by September 23 to the ISEE secretariat with subject line: Nomination(s). Your message should include the position you are nominating for, your name and contact information, name and contact information if the nominated person if different, and a maximum 100-word text justifying the nomination.


The final list of nominated candidates (2 for each position) will be chosen by the nominations committee.  The ballot will be circulated to all ISEE members and elections will take place before the end of 2018.


Open posts

President (2019-2022)

The President’s term is 4 years (1st year President-Elect; 2nd and 3rd year President; 4th year, Past-President). For this election we are seeking nominations from members in the following chapters: Europe, Asia/Pacific, Africa, Eastern Mediterranean. The President has the overall responsibility of running the Society. The Nominations Committee will promote candidacies among members who have been involved in activities of the society. Although not a prerequisite, usually Presidents are mid-term or senior researchers. 


Secretary/Treasurer (2019-2020 + renewal 2021-2022)

The Secretary/Treasurer’s term is 2 years automatically prolonged for a second term of 2 years if agreed by the Candidate and the Council. The S/T is responsible for membership and finances of the Society and has an active role together with the President and President-Elect/Past President in running the Society. The Nominations Committee will promote candidacies among members who have been involved in activities of the society. There is no prerequisite concerning geographical area or seniority.


Councillors (2019-2021)

Two Open posts:

  • Councillor for Europe
  • Councillor for North America

The Councillor term is three years. Activities include: responsibility within the Council for a specific work area e.g. communication, contact with chapters, journal pages, policy-related activities etc; participation in a monthly teleconference of the Council and participation at the Council meetings during the annual conference; and an active role in enabling activities of the society and communication with the membership. Candidates should be working in any of the two geographic areas indicated. There is no prerequisite concerning seniority.



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