Values and Member Responsibilities

All members are expected to embrace the following values:

Integrity. Do what is morally and ethically right.
Diversity. Promote an environment that is free from prejudice and discrimination and embraces the uniqueness of every member’s experiences, background, interests, culture, and contributions.
Member Service. Be responsible stewards of ISEE resources in effectively meeting the needs of members.
Communication. Recognize that effective communication (writing, speaking, or listening) is the responsibility of all members.
Respect and Trust. Treat each other with fairness, dignity, understanding, and compassion.
Career Development. Promote training, education, mentoring, and career growth.
Excellence. Foster creativity, innovation, and teamwork while seeking continuous improvement in the science and practice of
environmental epidemiology.
Sustainability. Meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. 


ISEE's Statements:

Anti-Racism (pdf)
Greening ISEE (pdf)
Institutional Conflict of Interest (pdf)
Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure form when submitting abstracts or proposing symposia to the annual ISEE Conference (pdf)
Guidelines on Dealing with Conflict of Interest among ISEE members (pdf)
Guidelines for the Ethical Re-analysis and Re-interpretation of Another's Research (pdf)
ISEE Procedure for Dealing with Beleaguered Colleagues and/or Potential Whistle-blowers (pdf)


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