Capacity Building and Education Committee

Together with SNRN and Chapters, this committee:

  • Conducts workshops providing information, skills, and tactics that will help researchers to develop, conduct, write and publish their research;
  • Organizes in-person courses on advanced topics and methods during ISEE events, and through regional chapters and other organizations;
  • Reviews and posts links to lectures and teaching videos on advanced topics and methods in the field of epidemiology on ISEE’s website;  
  • Supports inventories of the educational opportunities in the field of environmental epidemiology; and 
  • Promotes networking of junior, mid-career, senior researchers, to facilitate North-South, South-South, North-North collaborations.


Cathryn Tonne,

Capacity Building subcommittee:

Gueladio Cisse (Co-Chair),
Christina Hemphill Fuller
Jane Schroeder 
Kristie Ebi (previous chair) 
Lais Fajersztan
Leslie Danquah

Education subcommittee: 

Joel Schwartz (Co-Chair),
Ulrike Gehring (secretary),
Beate Ritz
Neil Pearce
Danielle Vienneau
Ying Zhang 
Associated members: Yi Wang, Sandra Cortés

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