ISEE North America Chapter

The North America Chapter (NAC) was established by the ISEE Council in January, 2019. Its mission is to promote and strengthen scientific research in environmental epidemiology, with a focus on the countries within this region, considering the wide range of issues that are both specific to them, and similar to those faced by ISEE worldwide. As this is a critical time in terms of environmental policies for North America, the role of this chapter will be to communicate with, and coordinate and concentrate, the efforts and actions of members.

The Chapter consists of the United States, Canada, Greenland, and Bermuda.

The NAC will support the mission of the ISEE by:

  • Promoting scientific research on environmental health, especially environmental epidemiology;
  • Encouraging the collaboration of researchers between institutions within the region;
  • Engaging in education, training, and career development in environmental epidemiology;
  • Bridging the gap between the discoveries of research and translation into public health policy.

Emphasis will be on civic engagement regarding policy in Canada and the United States.

Members of the ISEE NAC belong to the following categories:

1. Regular member: all ISEE members born or residing in NAC, as defined above, are automatically members of the Chapter, unless they choose to opt out.

2. Associate member: all ISEE members who were not born or who do not reside in NAC, but conduct environmental epidemiology research in NAC are eligible to join the Chapter, subject to completing a membership application process and its approval by the Chapter Executive Council.

Associate Members may participate in all Chapter activities, but are not eligible to or serve on the Chapter Executive Council.

Executive Council of the North America Chapter

Joan Casey, Co-chair

Marianthi-Anna Kioumaurtzoglou, Co-chair

The following people serve on the seven-member Executive Council of the ISEE North America Chapter:

Patrick Kinney 

Francine Laden

Joel Schwartz

Paul Villeneuve

Tracey Woodruff

For further information about the NA Chapter, please contact:

ISEE Secretariat


North America Chapter Bylaws (Word download)


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