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ISEE comments on WHO Action Plan on Physical Activity

Read about the society’s new policy and procedure regarding job posts.

ISEE Statement on Paris 2015 Agreement

ISEE stands by all its members regardless of country of origin, religion or ethnicity. Following the impact and international discussion from the recent U.S. Executive order to limit visas and travel for individuals from seven countries to the US, read more.

Dr. Steve Wing, long time member of ISEE, passed away on Nov. 9, 2016. Dr. Wing touched many people’s lives as a teacher, mentor, colleague, and friend. He worked tirelessly for environmental justice and will be deeply missed. Our condolences go out to his family and friends. You can read more about Dr Wing’s professional and personal accomplishments here.

ISEE comments on Scott Pruitt’s EPA nomination

The Gulf Research Program of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine solicits applications for research & development grants as well as early-career research fellowship and science policy fellowship. Application deadlines are approaching in February.

Summer School on Modern Methods in Biostatistics and Epidemiology, with teachers from Harvard University, Karolinska Institutet, and other European universities, will take place in Italy on June 4-17, 2017. For more information click here.

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Studying Human Health and the Environment

The International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE) provides a forum for the discussion of problems unique to the study of health and the environment. With membership open to environmental epidemiologists and other scientists worldwide, ISEE provides a variety of forums for discussions, critical reviews, collaborations and education on issues of environmental exposures and their human health effects.

Students and New Researchers Network

The SNRN is open to students, postdoctoral trainees and new researchers in environmental epidemiology or related disciplines.

Learn more about SNRN

Mentorship Program
Learn how to become a mentor or mentee

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2016 ISEE Awards

ISEE Awards Committee presents several annual awards. Learn more about our awards.

The following awardees were honored September 1-4, 2016 at the ISEE 28th Annual Conference in
Rome, Italy.

John Goldsmith Award for Outstanding Contributions to Environmental Epidemiology
2016 Awardee: Philippe Grandjean, MD, PhD


This award recognizes environmental epidemiologists who, like John Goldsmith, serve as models of excellence in research, unwavering promotion of environmental health, and integrity. Learn more

Rebecca James Baker Award
2016 Awardee: Ana María Mora, PhD
2016 Honorable Mention: Shuhei Nomura

To honor Rebecca's memory and to encourage students and new investigators to follow her example, the Rebecca James Baker Memorial Prize is awarded each year at the ISEE annual conference. Learn more

Best Environmental Epidemiology Paper

2016 Award:Antonio Gasparrini, Yuming Guo, Masahiro Hashizume, Eric Lavigne, Antonella Zanobetti, Joel Schwartz, Aurelio Tobias, Shilu Tong, Joacim Rocklöv, Bertil Forsberg, Michela Leone, Manuela De Sario, Michelle L Bell, Yue-Liang Leon Guo, Chang-fu Wu, Haidong Kan, Seung-Muk Yi, Micheline de Sousa Zanotti Stagliorio Coelho, Paulo Hilario Nascimento Saldiva, Yasushi Honda, Ho Kim, and Ben Armstrong: Mortality Risk Attributable to High and Low Ambient Temperature: a Multicountry Observational Study
Published in Lancet; 386: 369–75 May 21, 2015

The Best Environmental Epidemiology Paper award aims to recognize excellence in the field of environmental epidemiology and encourage the publication of outstanding papers. Learn more

Tony McMichael Mid-Term Career Award
2016 Awardees: Mireille Toledano, PhD and Marc Weisskopf, PhD, ScD

This annual award was created to honor Tony McMichael, who passed away in 2014. He was a world renowned epidemiologist, known not only for his original scientific work, but also for his compassionate mentoring of junior colleagues. He was President of ISEE from 2008-2009.
Learn more

Outstanding Abstracts and Student Posters

ISEE recognizes new researchers and students at each annual conference with awards for outstanding abstracts and student posters. Awards are given to the first author of an accepted abstract or poster presented at the conference.

2016 Outstanding Abstracts by Young Investigators
Erin Semmens, PhD: Long-Term Exposure to Traffic-Related Air Pollutants and Cognitive Trajectories in the Cardiovascular Health Study
Marina Vafeiadi, PhD: Early Life Phthalate Exposure and Obesity and Cardiometabolic Traits in Childhood

2016 Outstanding Student Posters

Ester Rita Alessandrini: Distributed-lag models of long-term health effects of exposure to industrial air pollution in the Taranto area (Southern Italy)

Kristine Belesova: Household Crop Harvest and Children’s Nutritional Status in Rural Burkina Faso

Oscar Rojas-Sanchez: Association among Outdoor and Indoor Exposure to PM2.5 and Cardiovascular Autonomic Function in Adult Population in Bucaramanga, Colombia




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