Regional Chapters

ISEE is an international organization that includes regional chapters promoting the Society‘s goals and objectives with specific attention to regional issues and local professional development needs. ISEE Members in good standing are automatically assigned to a regional chapter based on the country in which they reside.* Chapter membership does not require additional dues. Each chapter organizes meetings and activities to support its members. Chapters also have their own bylaws and chapter leadership elections. See our chapter regions here.
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*If you are originally from a country different from where you reside, you are eligible to be a member of two chapters. For example, if you are from Nigeria and reside in the UK, you are a Europe chapter member based on your residence. Additionally, you are an Africa Chapter member based on your country of origin and the chapters‘ bylaws. In these cases, to belong to two applicable chapters, please ensure your member profile includes your country of origin.  Contact the ISEE Secretariat for more information.