ISEE Global Education Videos

The Capacity Building and Education Committee (CAPE) compiles educational materials and maintains the ISEE Global Education You Tube Channel. The complete list of videos available can be found on the YouTube Channel.

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Athens 2022

Frank Kelly - Airborne microplastics: Are they the new enemy?

Lidwien Smit - Assessing environmental factors in COVID-19 outbreaks: A One Health perspective

Francesco Forastiere - Evidence Synthesis in Environmental Epidemiology

Cathryn Tonne - Rethinking urban environments and health

John P.A. Ioannidis- Reproducible science for knowledge and decision-making

Maria Elisa Quinteros Caceres- Reinforcing democratic structures to protect environment and health

Virtual 2020

Ana V. Diez-Roux- Urban Living and Health Equity: Opportunities for Environmental Health Research

Gabriel Leung - School Closure for COVID-19 Control

Michelle Bachelet Jeria- Advancing Environmental Health in a Changing World

Soledad Garcia Munoz - Human Rights and Environment

Nigel French- Epidemiology for One Health: Applying New Tools

Jeffrey Shaman - Meteorological Determinants of Influenza and SARS-CoV-2 Survival and Transmission

Audrey De Nazelle - Cities and Health: The Case for a Systems Approach to Urban Policies

Ulrike Gehring - Coming of Age: Birth Cohorts on Air Pollution and Lung Health

Ho Kim - Rapid Changes of Population and Environments in East Asia and Public Health Implications

Manolis Kogevinas - Global Drinking Water: Infections, Chemicals or Nothing

Martine Vrijheid - The Exposome and Child Health – What Have We Learned?

Dr. Jesse Berman & Dr. Yanguang Wei - ISEE 2020 BEEP Awardees

Dr. Lianne Sheppard - ISEE 2020 Research Integrity Awardee

Dr. Yuming Guo - ISEE 2020 Tony McMichael Awardee

Dr. Kaitlin Kelly-Reif - ISEE 2020 Rebecca James Baker Awardee

Dr. Manolis Kogevinas - ISEE 2020 John Goldsmith Awardee

Virtual 2020 Pre-conference Courses

Lauren Wyatt - Data Visualization for Environmental Epidemiology with ggplot2

David F. Goldsmith - Silica Exposure and Disease State of the Art

Kelvin Fong, Peter James & Hari Iyer - Scaling up Spatial Analyses: Using Google Earth Engine for Satellite Imagery Retrieval, Processing, and Analysis

Dan Shaughnessy - New Approaches for Assessing DNA Repair Capacity and Genome Integrity in Individuals for Clinical and Population-Based Studies

Abigail Nastan - The Early Adopters Program for the NASA Multi-Angle Imager for Aerosols (MAIA)

Jeanette Stingone - Maximizing reuse of existing environmental health data (HHEAR)

Alex Keil - Casual Inference for Exposure Mixtures

Utrecht 2019

Adetoun Mustapha - Challenges and Prospects of Environmental Epidemiology in Africa

Kalpana Balakrishnan - Creating Seamless Breathing Spaces: Air Pollution in India

Kristie Ebi - Protecting and Promoting Health in the Anthropocene

Ottawa 2018

Eriel Deranger: Tar Sands Operations and Waterborne Exposure and Subsistence Food Supply in Canada

Gina McCarthy: Climate Change: the Greatest Public Health Challenge of Our Time

Maria Neira: WHO Global Strategy on Health, Environment and Climate Change

Paul Demers: The Role of Occupational Studies in Expanding Our Knowledge of Environmental Carcinogens

Shoji Nkayama: How Can Birth Cohort Studies Contribute to Knowledge and Policies of the World to Reduce Risks of Emerging Contaminants?

Mark Nieuwenhuijsen: Pathways to Healthy Urban Living; Making an Impact (John Goldsmith Awardee)

Petros Koutrakis: Assessing Exposures and Effects of Particle Radioactivity (Excellence in Exposure Science Awardee)

Rome 2017

Rudolfo Saracci: The hazards of hazard identification 

Shira Kramer: Taking sides in the courtroom: the epidemiologist as expert and advocate

Roel Vermeulen: OMICS and Environmental Health: delineation from exposure to disease

Joel Schwartz: Causal modelling in Environmental Epidemiology

Andy Haines: What are the prospects for health after the Paris climate conference?

Donna J Vorhees: What does the science behind hydraulic fracturing headlines tell us about health risk?

Donna Mergler: Gender-based analysis of environmental factors

Annette Peters: Air pollution and health effects: what we know and what we should know

Pier Alberto Bertazzi: Industrial disasters: the Seveso accident and its 40-year legacy

Philippe Grandjean: Environmental Epidemiology – lost in translation?