Peer Editing Program (PEP)

The goal for the Peer Editing Program (PEP) is to promote equity and representation in environmental health publications. We operationalize this goal by providing manuscript editing assistance to researchers affiliated with institutions residing in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) and those from under-represented racial minority groups.
The PEP aims to increase acceptance rates of high quality research manuscripts submitted by these researchers in order to make the body of high-impact scholarly environmental health journals more diverse, equitable and inclusive.
The program is supported by ISEE and its Capacity Building and Education Subcommittee (CAPE-ISEE).  
Participating Journals
Eligibility Criteria
The PEP is open to all existing and new ISEE members. If you are an ISEE member, complete the brief inquiry form here (you will be first prompted to log in). If you would like to join the society please do so here, before completing the inquiry form. For general questions you may contact the PEP Team at
Additional eligibility criteria include:
  • Author has an institutional affiliation in a LMIC (list) and/or self identifies as a member of an under-represented racial minority group (from any country).
  • Author has already submitted a manuscript to one of the participating journals.
  • The manuscript needs assistance with format, presentation of data and/or English language proficiency before resubmission to another journal.
Program Team
Dr. Christina H. Fuller, PEP Director
Dr. Pallavi Pant, PEP Deputy Director
Ms. Angelique Willis, PEP Coordinator

Peer Editors

Lisa Casanova, PhD
Carlos Gould, PhD
Anna Oppenheimer, PhD
How to apply for the program
If you meet the eligibility criteria and would like to participate in the program, please write to us at
Please note that participation in the program is not a guarantee for publication in the journal to which the manuscript was originally submitted. Authors are encouraged to submit the revised manuscript to any journal of their choice.